Sims – Atlantic Traffic Light Installed

Very quickly, the contractors for Palm Beach County erected the traffic light poles and arms this week.  The pictures are from May 16, 2017.  The traffic light was paid for by the owners of the new Atlantic at Delray Apartments on Lake Ida Road.


2 thoughts on “Sims – Atlantic Traffic Light Installed

  1. Awesome. Now if only the traffic light would become operational. I have lived on Sims Road for three years and every time I leave my house and have to make a left onto Atlantic, I literally risk my life.

    It’s June 7th. When can we expect the traffic light to actually work?


  2. Note the county sign on the south side of Atlantic indicating a future extension of Sims Road to connect to Linton. Surprise, the county has no plans for such a project. Why the sign if there are no plans?


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