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In the next two to three years, a number of new developments will be planned and built along Lake Ida Road and Sims Road in West Delray.  WestDelray.wordpress.com provides factual information about

  1.  Building construction schedules and activities
  2.  Road closures or repairs
  3.  Applications submitted to Palm Beach County for new construction
  4.  Plans and renderings of approved or proposed construction projects
  5.  Citizen meetings or initiatives about any construction or applications.

The website will be divided into newsletters with current information and separate pages for any property in construction or planning.  At the current moment, the following properties are in some stage of construction or consideration by Palm Beach County.


A.  The Atlantic at Delray Beach ( formerly Stonybrook on the Lake), 346 Apartments on Lake Ida Road, between Sims Road and Via Flora.  Plans Approved in 2014.  Demolition started in October 2015.  As of Nov 1, 2016, all buildings on Lake Ida have been roofed and windowed.  Interior work started.

C.  Providence Living in Delray Beach, Congregate Care Facility on Sims Road on the southwest corner with Frost Lane.  144 Beds for Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care.  Approved by the County Commission on September 24, 2015.  Application # PDD/R-2015-00755.  Might start site demolition and clearing in Dec. 2016.

Approved Zoning.  No Building Permits
F.  Shores of Delray Senior Living, Submitted for Congregate Care Facility on SE corner of Lake Ida and Via Flora.  Requested to increase residents from 77 to 170.  Submitted 12/16/2015. Application # DOA/R-2015-02530. Zoning approved in August 2016.

Project approved.  In design by County staff.
H.  Atlantic and Sims Traffic Light.  The new traffic light is under designed with construction in 2017.

Redevelopment proposed.
J.  Marina Lakes Golf Course (The Orioles),  In August 2016, 13th Floor Homes from Miami proposed a development of homes, townhouses and apartments in the abandoned golf course.


Approved Plans and Permits, but no construction planned.
D.  14460 Emerald Place Way, 31 Townhouses on Sims Road north of American Eldercare/Grand Villa,  Application approved in 2005.  The abandoned site was clear in May 2016.

Approved Zoning but Developer abandoned project. Land for sale
B.  Orchid Bend, 24 Townhouses on Lake Ida Road between Sims Road and Bridgeview Development.  Plans recommended for approval by Zoning Commission on October 1, 2015.  Application # PDD-2015-00746.  On Nov. 1, 2016, the land is for sale.

Redevelopment discussed, but no active plans.  Land for sale.
E.  Villa Del Ray Golf (Palm Greens),  Between June 2015 & April 2016, the Wantman Group prepared documents and met with the County for redevelopment of the golf course to housing. As on May 2016, the Wantman Group ceased activity.  Golf course ceased operation permanently in July 2016.

Land for Sale
G. Kamhi Property.  In April 2016, the 4.32 acre, wooden property went on the market for $2,950,000 – a redevelopment price.
K. Behind Winn-Dixie.  In summer 2016, the 5 acre, wooden property went on the market for $1,650,000.

Other Applications and Construction
Click Here for other projects nearby including
1. Cambria Parc Townhomes by Lennar Homes, 5400 Flavor Pict, Zoning Approved. Started construction in June 2016.
2. Retail Stores, Military north of Flavor Pict on westside, Submitted for Approval, ZV-2016-00084
3. Gas Station, Military at Flavor Pict, Walmart Development, Submitted for Approval
4. New Smaller Administration Building, Grand Villa of Delray West on El Clair Ranch north of Atlantic, Submitted for Approval,  ZAR-2016-00059

Road Improvements
With the approval of the penny sales in Nov 2016, Palm Beach County has plans to re-surface and/or re-stripe several roads.  NO roads in the area, including Lake Ida, will be widened or changed in the next 25 years according the County Engineer.

Completed Construction since start of West Delray Updates in 2015
150 Foot Cell Tower/Flag Pole
Westchester Country Club, on El Clair Ranch north of Flavor Pict

Click Here for PDF of Poster for Printing.  Post at Home, Club House, Business, etc.



Glenn Weiss, a resident of Palm Greens, prepares the website.  Thoughts, ideas, updates, complaints and anything else can be sent to him at westdelrayPBC@gmail.com.

Thank you Delray Forum:  October 28, 2015


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