Palm Beach County can be contacted with complaints regarding construction activity and the maintenance of the property.  To file a complaint, you need the LEGAL street address.  Also useful to report the PCN (Property Control Number).  Below is the list of all properties under construction, new zoning approvals and for sale.

Palm Beach County Code Enforcement

If West Delray Updates has a direct line to the owner or contractor, then the contact is also provided.

Lake Ida Road Properties

The Atlantic at Delray Apartments
Use “14050 Pacific Point Place”
PCN:  00 42 46 14 35 001 0000
Mr. Gus Rodriguez, Atlantic Apts
(786) 390-8773

Lacys Landscaping (Formerly Orchid Bend)
Use “5401 Lake Ida Road”
PCN:  00-42-46-11-00-000-5010
Ms. Kristi Lacy Bessio, Property Owner
(561) 965-0080

Shores of Delray Senior Living (SE Corner with Via Flora at round-a-bout)
Use “14160 Via Flora”
PCN: 00-42-46-14-04-000-0010
Mr. Frank Dino, Property Owner

Sims Road Properties

Emerald Place Townhouses
Use “14438 Emerald Place”
PCN:  00-42-46-14-31-001-0000
Mr. Chuck Halberg, Stuart & Shelby Contractors

Providence Senior Living
PCN:  00-42-46-14-00-000-3080
Michelle Pierce, Developer
(407) 333-0900

Sims/Lake Ida Corner
PCN:  00-42-46-14-00-000-3072

Sims and Atlantic Stoplight

Other Properties

Behind Winn-Dixie on West Atlantic

Cabria Parc on Flavor Pict

Golf Course at Palm Greens

Golf Course at the Orioles

Golf Course at Polo Trace

Golf Course at Westchester Country Club