Other projects in the area between Atlantic, Flavor Pict, Military and Hagen Ranch in unincorporated Palm Beach County, known as, West Delray Beach and West Boynton Beach.

Lost Open Space via Golf Courses

Both Polo Trace and the Orioles condo owners voted to change the condominium documents or deed restrictions to permit housing construction on the golf courses.  The golf course at Palm Greens has been for sale and NOW Westchester Country Club is on the market.  Bids due on March 8, 2017.


No Lake Ida Road Improvements Planned

Many questions to this website ask about the widening of Lake Ida to four lanes and the replacement of the Via Flora round-a-bout with a stop light.  As of February 2016, Palm Beach County has NO active plans to widened Lake Ida or remove the round-a-bout.  Neither of the 5 year plans for the Metropolitan Planning Organization nor Palm Beach County include any improvements for Lake Ida.

Penny Sales Tax, Approved by Voters

Penny Sales Tax includes road maintenance, but no road widened or traffic lights in the next 20 years.  Click here for more detail.  Re-surfacing and/or re-striping on Hagen Ranch, Jog, El Clair Ranch, Flavor Pict and Military.


Other Active Applications
at Palm Beach County Zoning

Heritage Park (Grand Villa of Delray West)

Replace the existing administration building with a new administration building.
Application # and date submitted:  ZAR-2016-00059       01/12/2016
Existing buildings on Via Flora to the north of Atlantic

Delray Commons of Palm Beach, Inc.

Build Retail Stores and reduce required lot dimensions and landscape buffer
Application # and date submitted:   ZV-2016-00084    01/20/2016
Vacant lots on Military north of Flavor Pict in front of Colonial Estates Mobile Home Park

Land For Sale

5 Acres between Winn-Dixie on Atlantic

For sale for $1,650,000.


Approved Applications Now Under-Construction

Cambria Parc Lennar Homes on Flavor Pict

Construct 218 townhomes on 33 acres named Cambria Parc. Click Here.
Application #  PDD 2014-01122
5450 Flavor Pict Road on the former nursery across the street from Tuscany at Coral Lakes
Fun Facts:  In 2015, Lennar paid $11,500,000 for the land with approvals.  In 2007, the land was purchased for $4,000,000 and in 2001 for $450,00.  A 2500% increase in value.  The land cost Lennar $350,000 per acre and $53,000 per townhome.




Completed Projects

Westchester Country Club Tower (Complete)

Installed a 150 Foot Cell Phone Tower/ Flag Pole
Approved by Palm Beach County Commission on January 7, 2016.
Application # and date submitted:  DROE-2016-00095      01/20/2016
North of Piper’s Glen after Canal on westside of El Clair Ranch
All cellphone companies can use the tower, but the initial user is T-Mobile.




12 thoughts on “Other



  2. please check your info as rumor has it that the deal with Peter Vitale fell through. Palm Greens attorney’s have found no contract and Mr vitale is advertising on several television web sites offering membership. He had put everybody on notice we was to be closed for the summer, he now is advertising summer membership. what is going on????


    1. Marcia, I only report what I can verify as true. The Wantman Group emailed that to me that they are no longer preparing any housing application for the golf course. I don’t know if that means ended or just delayed. Peter Vitale and his son do not answer my phone calls or emails. Glenn Weiss


      1. your site states the golf course was sold and u make it sound final!! May be you should then make a comment stating this is not final and nothing is happening to indicate things are moving along. You are scaring people who read this !!! If you want people to rely on your info you need to keep your site up to date.


  3. How about the other course he owns Marina Lakes on Cumberland Dr. in West Delray? He’s had that one Closed for 2 years and property values at Huntington Lakes and the Villages of Oriole have been dropping and inventory rising.


  4. I don’t know who Mike is ???? But I do believe everyone by now knows about Mr Vitale’s history. We all have different opinions concerning whether the golf course is okay being sold for apts, houses etc or left empty full of weeds. I live across from the golf course with a view onto it. I don’t want either of those options. I want it to remain as it is!


  5. One solution would be for the condo assoc in palm green to buy the course but not for 3.5 mil.. say tey bought it for 2.5. I don’t recall how many condos are there but if 400 then about 6,000 each for an assessment over 10 years. a bargin


  6. What about Marina Lakes, Polo Trace, The Fountains and some of the others. It seems as if Golf Courses county wide are being sold……..but without actually marketing them to would be golf course purchasers. In other words, the owners are selling them to BUILDERS without attempting to market the properties for what they are zoned to be, recreational properties. Is the County complicit???


    1. It appears that most owners in palm greens are not interested as to what happens to the golf course as long they don’t have to pay any money. There are people who improve their dwellings but not interested in doing so to improve their community for future sales of their property or their neighbors. GOLF CLUB AND CLUB HOuSE INCLUDED. However WHEN THINGS HAPPEN CONCERNING THEIR OWN PERSONAL INTEREST,
      YOU HEAR THEM LOUD AND CLEAR. but don’t spend any money!!!!


  7. Marcia, you may be right how most people living within a golf course community(s) feel relative to the closure and/or sale of the golf course(s). I couldn’t say. I guess each community has a different make up of folks and opinions.

    My larger point was that when this portion of the County was planned and developed these golf courses were considered economically viable by the planners, developers and ultimately by the County Commissioners who voted to approve the projects. Now it seems that all the golf course owners have to do is “claim” the courses are no longer economically viable and suggest to the residents and County Officials, that the only solution lies in developing the courses with residential housing.

    In fact that may be true. However, in order to know that for certain, the golf courses would have to be marketed for sale in an honest, forthright manner. Meaning that they would have to be held out, for sale, on the open market, with at the very least, a minimal amount of advertising. This way it could be determined through an unbiased process if there existed an interested buyer with intention to keep the course opened as a golf course. Has that happened in each of these cases? Have these golf courses been held for sale in an honest, forthright manner? Or have the owners come to the conclusion that it would be much more profitable to sell the courses to developers under the pretense that they can no longer operate the golf courses for a profit?

    In my view, these are the initial questions that need to be asked and answered. Not glossed over. More to the point, it would seem to me that all these golf courses businesses have all begun to claim
    insolvency at the same moment in time. Doesn’t that sound suspicious? If it’s true, that all of them are falling apart at the same time, wouldn’t it make sense to permit and/or approve development at a moderate pace and not all at once? I certainly hope that our County Planners and Leaders know that the sudden mass development of all these golf courses will not only dramatically impact traffic but more importantly, lifestyle. It’s been the lifestyle that has drawn people to the area and that has help make it the desirable place it is today. I see much of that eroding. I hope that these projects are done carefully and with consideration to the people who have moved here and help make this area a wonderful place to live.


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