Noise Complaints

According to Palm Beach County, the legal construction hours are 7 AM to 10 PM – Seven Days A Week.  Prior to 7 AM, the contractor can legally start engines and move around equipment.  Therefore local neighbors may hear those very loud back-up alarms.  If the contractor is actually working before 7 AM, you may report the violation by calling Palm Beach County at 561-233-5500 or emailing They have no message machine, so you must call during business hours.

“Atlantic at Delray Beach Apartments”
Atlantic Pacific Companies
Mr. Gus Rodriguez, Senior Project Manager
(786) 390-8773
Use “14050 Pacific Point Place” on complaint to County.

“Emerald Place Townhomes”
Mr. Chuck Halberg
Stuart & Shelby Contractors, 561-637-7902
Use “14438 Emerald Place” on complaint to the County

Vote for Orioles Golf Course ends February 7

After a fall of holding public meetings for unit owners in the Orioles, the voting to convert the golf course to housing will be over on February 7, 2017.  Jeffery Schultz wrote the following letter supporting the development.  The developers, 13th Floor Homes, wrote text after the letter describing the development.

Unlike most other golf courses, the change from golf course / recreation to housing must be approved by the Orioles unit owners.  If the unit owners support the housing, the developers still have the long approval process at Palm Beach County.  If the unit owners vote against the housing, then the golf course will remain abandoned until a vote on another development occurs some time in the future.  The choice is development into housing over the next four-five years – or – the golf course continues to return to nature.






Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avalon Trails?

Avalon Trails is a new 55 and over community that will contain 524 high-quality, residential homes situated in an island-like setting surrounded by beautiful lakes and lush landscape. Avalon Trails will be built upon the former Marina Lakes golf course, which has been closed for over 2 years.

Avalon Trails will reinvigorate this property with a well- planned community that is designed in a form and style that is compatible with and enhances the surrounding Villages of Oriole. Avalon Trails homes will be tailored to satisfy the unique needs of “active-adult” (55+) buyers that seek a quality lifestyle with on-site resort style amenities. Unlike most developers that are focused on maximizing density, our Avalon Trails plan is mindful of existing OVC residents and limits the residential density to less than 50% of what could be permitted under the property’s existing HR12 zoning, improves resident view corridors, and increases neighboring home values.

Will the community be age-restricted?

Yes, the entire community will be age-restricted. Like the Villages of Oriole, Avalon Trails will only permit individuals meeting the legal requirements of a 55+ age-restricted community. This will allow for home owners in both communities to enjoy an active, retirement lifestyle with their fellow residents.

How many homes will there be?

Avalon Trails is an all residential community that will contain three distinct luxury residential models single-family homes and multifamily. In total, Avalon Trails will consist of 524 residential units. All sections will be age-restricted to residents 55 and older. A site plan providing more detail on each living model can be found in the “Media” section of this website.

What will homes sell for?

Avalon Trails pricing will be consistent with similar communities in the area ) with our for-sale inventory expected to range from mid $200,000’s to up to $500,000. Avalon Trails’ apartment units will have long-term leases that we expect will range from $2,000 to $4,000 per month.

What will separate Avalon Trails from existing homes in the Villages of Oriole?

A series of connected lakes and thoughtful landscaping will enhance Avalon Trails island-like feel and provide a beautiful buffer between the two communities. Many homes that now overlook the overgrown golf course will now be provided with brilliant lake views. Landscape buffers plans can be found in the “Media” section of this website.

When will Avalon Trails begin construction?

We would like to start building Avalon Trails as soon as possible. The first step to getting the construction process underway will be winning approval in a vote with the Village of Oriole community. From there, we start the County’s permitting process. Our hope is that we can be under construction by late 2017.

How tall with the homes be?

Avalon Trails’ single family residences,villas will be limited to one and two story residences. The multifamily apartment buildings will consist of have one, two and three stories. At less than 4.9 units per acre, Avalon Trails is significantly lower than the existing density of over 8 units per acre in the Villages of Oriole.

Does 13 th Floor Homes have any experience re-developing golf courses?

Yes. Aside from being one of the largest homebuilders in South Florida, 13th Floor Homes is also a market leader in repurposing infill sites such as former golf courses. We believe our success in this sector is based on our thoughtful planning and the “good neighbor” approach that we employ throughout the entire development process.

How will someone access Avalon Trails? Will entrances be gated?

Primary access to Avalon Trails will be provided on Cumberland Boulevard near where the former clubhouse was located. This will be a gated, grand entrance with beautiful entrance monuments and surrounding landscaping. A secondary, heavily landscaped resident-only entrance will be provided at Gateway Boulevard and will be for the exclusive use of the residents in the single family section of the community.

Will there be security?

During construction, the site will be actively monitored by the project staff or third-party security personnel during the day and night. Once Avalon Trails is completed, community gatehouses and cameras will be employed throughout the Avalon Trails area.

Will Avalon Trails help or hurt existing drainage and water retention?

Through its system of newly connected lakes, Avalon Trails will improve existing water retention and drainage throughout the Villages of Oriole. The Avalon Trails lake system will fix an existing issue that has reportedly caused flooding events in the past.

Will there be additional cars on the road?

Yes, there will be additional cars on the road; however, compared with other alternatives for the site, Avalon Trails is expected to generate far less vehicles than what could come from a community that contains the max density of over 1,200 units. As an age-restricted community, Avalon Trails will have much smaller households that will have fewer cars and generate less traffic. 13th Floor Homes will also provide the county with significant impact fee funding for roadway improvements that will further combat congestion.

Will this remove uncertainty with the properties future and limit additional units from being developed in the future?

Yes. By supporting the Avalon Trails plan, Village of Oriole residents will remove the risk of another developer looking to capitalize on the property’s existing 12 unit per acre density and building over 1200 units on the golf course. This will be accomplished by a binding, recorded agreement between the Village’s governing body and 13th Floor Homes (as well as any successors or as

Summary of 2016

Since West Delray Updates started publication in 15 months ago in October, 2015, the neighborhood has started to physically change with the construction of apartments and townhomes.  In the 2017, assisted living facilities approved by Palm Beach County may started construction.

Summary of New Additions

  • 326 all ages apartments in one development  – under-construction on Lake Ida
  • 314 assisted living beds in two developments  – approved only.
  • 249 all ages townhomes in two developments – under-construction on Sims Road and Flavor Pict

Summary of Planning

  • Proposal for 104 Single Family Homes, 220 Townhomes, 200 Apartments (all 55+) for the Orioles golf course – to be approved or NOT by condo owners in early 2017
  • Plans for redevelopment of Palm Greens Golf Course abandoned by Lennar Homes in Feb/March 2016.  Palm Greens golf course closed permanently in June 2016.
  • Plans for redevelopment of “Orchid Bend” nursery into 24 townhomes abandoned – on Lake Ida
  • Design for Sims & Atlantic stoplight completed.

Summary of Land for Sale

  • 4+ Acres on Sims Road – May be under-contract for purchase in early 2017
  • 5 Acres behind Winn Dixie