The Orioles

July 4, 2017 UPDATE:  The re-development plan has been submitted to Palm Beach County for review and possible approval.  Below is the submitted plan that seems to match exactly the plan approved by the owners in February.

Plan submitted to Palm Beach County

Site Analysis

Click here to read entire justification statement for re-development submitted by 13th Floor.

Avalon Trails Justification Statement submitted to County

On February 7, 2017, UPDATE:  The owners of the condos in the Village of Orioles approved the golf course re-development plan by 13th Floor Homes.  According to President Jeff Schultz, “each association passed it with over 95 percent of the vote. It was a landslide.”

Plan approved in February by Owners

13th Floor Homes REMOVED all information its Avalon Trails website. WHY?????  Fortunately, West Delray Updates downloaded the proposal earlier this year.

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NOVEMBER 2016 UPDATE: Now 55+ Development, more townhouses, less apartments and expanded lake area.

After the public meetings in September, 13th Floor changed the proposed development from all ages to a strictly 55+ development.

August 17, 2016 Proposal by 13th Floor Investments

Two years ago, the Vitale Family closed the golf course and essentially abandoned the property.  On 07/18/2014, the owners met with Palm Beach County to ask questions about the possible re-development of the golf course.   The meeting was recorded in the County records as PCN-2014-01354.

On August 17, 2016, 13th Floor Investments from Miami sent above drawing and other elements of a golf course redevelopment proposal to condo boards in the Orioles. According the 13th Floor project manager Michael Nunziata the master association board and 13th floor have been discussing ideas and restrictions for the Marina Lakes Golf Course.

QUESTIONS:  13th Floor has established a website to questions from Oriole owners.  13th Floor removed all information from the Avalon Trail websiteClick Here: 

Developer: 13th Floor Investments
Michael Nunziata, Project Manager
Office: (786) 220-0464

Owner:  Marina Lakes Golf, LLC.
Managing Owner:  Peter Vitale
Registered Agent: Stephen Vitale
211 S. Colorado Ave – Suite 2
Stuart, Florida 34994
Stephen Vitale at his business “The Old Colorado Inn”, (772) 215-3437

Property Control Number for Golf Course: 00-42-46-15-07-007-0010
Property Control Number for Golf Club House:  00-42-46-15-08-001-0000

August 17th Proposal
Click Here to Download FIRST Full Proposal from 13 Floor

55+ Adults

WHAT:  (New Proposal in November 2016)
Nov ’16                   Aug ’16
104                           108                    Single Family Homes (two story)
220                           180                    Townhomes (two story)
200                           240                   Apartment Style Units (three story)
Might be rental or condo.


“Capital Infusion – With its first building permit, 13th Floor Homes will make a significant capital contribution to OVC of $3.7 million. These funds can then be allocated amongst the member associations as OVC and its associations deem appropriate. 13th Floor homes has had similar obligations on other golf course redevelopments and has followed through with all agreed upon payments.

Reduced Maintenance Costs – By including the Avalon Trails units into the calculation of cost sharing, each member’s pro rata share of OVC association dues will be greatly reduced. Based on current budget projections, the Avalon Trails community will decrease each OVC resident’s payment obligation by over 12% per year.”


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